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terça-feira, 21 de agosto de 2012

only bleeds

they bought us 
the fear
through the media
they bought us
all phantom aches
and the medicine 
to numb the ideals

deluted minds
poluted by
 manifestations of 
single substance
without a soul
only bleeding
for free
in dull forms 
of manipulation.

men preaching
their cold teachings
a will to obey
in a retoric ballance
for a generation
feeded only
 in distortions
and senseless displays

violent dreams
in our screen plays
ultra violence 
made just for you 
despising all of you
shivering all day
delaying it
for another day,
forget it 

- always in the perfect mood 
for depressive swings

- its still not the answer

through this new morning mist
another drift away.

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