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segunda-feira, 4 de novembro de 2013

transient madness

I try to describe you
between our silent voices
A judas kiss
A Mediation
Of image-movements
From the distance.

I try to describe you
Later and further
All united in forms
and breathless
In this house were we belong to
And where you seem to read minds
  my immanent 
haunting mistress.

I try to describe you
In your poses
in the bitter ways of your cigarettes
which makes me forget
The contradictory revolutions
In our bodies
vertiginous, like poetry

I try to talk to you
Of Prometheus
And how he controls me
and my thoughts
as one who escapes from the shadows
and reverses the tides
I always try to forget you
committed lady of someone
On the wrong track of the night
In no man's land
On a wall without mirrors
- hall painted red

In the fury of all desires
That shakes empires
Only wept,
my tears
a criminal libation

I write for you
it's for you
I write only
Because there is something in me
That I can not silence
reacting sparks
one by one
 - to have you again
by my side.

By an absent god
who hears not 
his unprecedented prayers.

Feeling the burning
hot blood
through winter tides
reverberations from
the forests of the imaginary
a bleeding flower
a poisonous
core of madness. 

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