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terça-feira, 2 de maio de 2017

river of deceit

River of deceit 
River of sadness
At the surface within twilight
You’ve been seeing
all streams of eternity
In your silent course
A new infatuation
But all the faces are now lost
- In the dome of the dream
Which in me surrenders.

Useless mirror of all my dreams
Where to led?

shrouded in mist 
at the banks
For whom its lament?
Swarming in this waters
Nor a premonition
Nor a simple vision
We did not noticed anything,
my ghost companionship
In this blackened tides.

But i'l keep with me 
your venus flower,
and toiled in sleep
in a bitter sleep, 
her little boy will weep
among wolf's bane 
wild in his belief.

I'll keep with me
the secret of your origins
the caress of the spear
the gargoyles will fear
the gates were shut, 
the sheeps were covered 
with the blood
which by this river 
kept flowing,
all through this barren land
and throughout death.

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