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domingo, 4 de outubro de 2015

fallen angels

marc chagall

a brood 
of empty stars
a murmur 
of voluptuous encounters

the world knows your love
the world bleeds in you
battered, full of tears
sublime, for just one day
in each blade, 
a surrendering stone
another creed
all buried beneath,
lust and denial

- the day that never comes,
redemption for all day dreamers

fallen angels
in desolation
drifting along the pier
are they waiting for thee
to show you again
the delightful
touch of wonder.
for what desolation
fiercely they plunder?!

through the window
in the narrow room
a silhouette of trees
in the allure of Autumn

-trying to regain once again
the heroic torch of love

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