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quarta-feira, 22 de julho de 2015

mushroom clouds / all nightmares revealed

I've said it all 

without any words,
in blind rituals
my geometry 
of a naked distress
A cold emptiness
from which we never awoke 

I've said it all 

looking at your TV Set
 all restlessness 
in layers of reason
all thoughts 
of a timeless defiance

- the toughest laws
made me wake now.

nightmares revealed
(where all evilness dwelled)

I started to stumble ... to stagger
I could not breathe anymore
Rumbling thunders ... battering
I could not believe it anymore
My self piety, my denial of possibilities
Unreal and undead
Life is somewhere else
In dreams of candles burnin
over swirls of incense
Holy water red blood turning
Weakening the lambs
raging flames
of torturing pleasures
Heaven is burnin
And no words will remain untold
Heaven is burnin
the deceitful ones
 there's no souls to bargain
In the ashes
  Of all your broken dreams.

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