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sexta-feira, 9 de dezembro de 2016

damage done

those heroes with no names
are still fighting for a better tomb
 there's no memories to mend,
no means for an end
success after success,
enfolded in every gloom
current streams, in a fool's game 
expecting nothing 
expecting everything
from the mothers affection 
all blame and deception
to the whore's derision, lying
all god's envision, crying
the cruel faces kept changing
through the shapes 
of night and day
at this earth´s stage,
the open sky 
was not yours
the roses with thorns,
that all 
her sacred thoughts
are not yours.

the vile's will,
the slaughter's hand
that rings the bell
in this wasteland
all eagle's claws are still
clutched to the lost years ark.

but who's gonna repaid all these years?!

who's gonna manage all the damage done?!

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