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sábado, 27 de junho de 2015

Lycanthropia - lyrics 98/00

*Ok,give me a break i was just a depressive teenager... 

dawnbringer of armageddon's day

where all wisdom lies
lucifer greets the dawn
between the never ending sea
a staircase to an open sky
where mortal eyes can't see
and the deceiver's army comes forth
ruthless arson
the prophecy claims no piety
from the ones holding the burning blades
the elders of an endless time
called him by his cursed name
the king of the heathen lands
and warfare - the antichrist.

withering beauty

dancing on the edge of my fantasies
she's the mirror of all her vanity
mother nature
raped in all her purity
but in her mirror hall
she couldn't see nothing at all
i gave my wings to you
you left me dying
yearning in silence
for a new day
in my hands
the dying embers of yesterday

passionate cries
echoing through
the gloomy oceans of memory
enthralling me

forsaken beauty
i always loved you...

hidden behind hideous masks

the mystic jester
keeps dodging from the knives
the drunken play,
an human tragedy portrayed
in this ballroom

- hidden behind hideous masks

a mirage
through the looking glass
whenever it shines
it curses our lives
- the whore of hell

                     a ghastly theatre of ruins - no longer a slave to god                   from all the fire below - no boundaries at all

amidst all the desolate ones,
the inhuman ones
longing for a fierce nightfall
beseeching for grace in silence
turning apart in such rat race
to which we succumb ashamed.

- hidden behind hideous masks.

a mournful wedding(with death)

ash covering the earth
in the atonement of souls
the alchemy of sounds
discovering secretly
the chanting scourge
of a charming cacophony

My alchoolic fiend - enraptured my soul

destroying my dreams
made me suffer, made me rape
with all the unsoundly thoughts of grief
the open gates of consciousness

so,why aren't you laughing today?
is it a lack of something to say
or inside you re just numb and afraid?
twisted words i had to say
misanthropic hallucinations
worlds in decay
a strength of a thousand demons
in anguish - screaming for freedom

sometimes don't even recognize myself

in the mirror of contradictions
a multifacial performer
deceived by a decaying age
- the evil in me
 can win his selfish disguise

lords in the mud

we grow 
in secret wisdom
as servants 
of the wine of your will
tell me,
- will ever 
any warm light,
 come back to us again?!

so distant sometimes,
i can still hear them
and drowning
in their world of lies


for a new generation
fucking awake

who the fuck you think you are
to say that you are me?!
who the fuck you think you are
to say that I'm not free?!

a thousand snakes
wrapping around
in a delightful ecstasy
through medusas eyes
nightmares are 
casted in stone

slowly awakening
from this life ilusions
i've tried the stars but i failed
i've tried to reach the other side
but all poisoned apples
kept falling into the soil.


mankind biggest mistake
human...worst of all animals
such sense of existence
based on artificial intelligence
made us passengers
in one faithless fortune
wondering through
your everlasting nightmares
in your ashamed evilness
as all lack of self control

1999 - may this new age bring us back
the souls sold for a freedom never conceived

slaves of an electronic age
puppets in hands 
of all greed and rage
militia's marching
wearing tear gas masks
for Judgement Days
all commandments dictaded
by paranoia
this is the law
this is the law
of this Brave New World

Listen now
and rejoice
the retrospection
of a lifetime flashing by
Do you ever questionized yourself
about your role in this world?!
about your role at all?!
so loathing,
the tears of regret
so silent
the reminiscence of all your sins
souless empty inside.


it's impossible to run
it's impossible to fell
what is left to fell
everything's now ruined and raped.

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