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sábado, 22 de agosto de 2015

a sinners belief

a toss of cupid in ardent grim, 
a bound
from all constellations 
inside of chaos
you back again
an endless void
all raging seasons,
- the blooming seeds 
of all our forgotten reasons

our fleeting lives 
so great and useless
every truth that shines 
in sweet exile
in senseless denial
no man will die in vain
for his greater belief
his own emancipating truth

we are the seed ´
we are the light
and the plague
forgotten plague
at dawn
of the unbreakable crystal memoirs
in a procession of thoughts

the spectral flowers of doom
amidst this chimes of the night
a inocent loss at war
a mercurial course to mars
into all knowledge
and too far 
from thoughts.

the scarlet virgin
wild temperamental beauty
claimed all her sacred realms
-blewing the horn of bonds

and we’ll recall it all
through our rites 
new stellar dimensions,
phanerozoi boundaries 
between genesis and chaos
where we fall
for her figure again
and for all
the feathered gods
in vessels 
the golden seas
at the edge of a new world

visions of death
and rebirth
in nights of love…

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