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segunda-feira, 10 de agosto de 2015

through josie's eyes

What josie did said
With those owl eyes
From the forest dark
She replied to me
Of a thousand arabian nights

What josie did said
With those vicious eyes,
sweet lullabies
That numb the prey

A dangerous drug
To sing along
Loud and wide
With bleak and rum
The naked plum
All electrified bodies
In disintegration tides
Where the essence runs
And truly abides

What josie did said
With those solemn eyes
When we remembered
The several
In her sisters room
Only a slight happiness
From her proud thighs
honey hive, 
morning haughty desire
I shall drink 
her love
Like a cup
Like the soul
Of a new province
To discover
Through her eyes
A new promise
A music to endow
Fierce smiling eyes
That just

Do not cease to glow.

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